Cathy Loan, Marathon Runner

“At my first Trager session, I was suffering from pain in my right foot related to my recent marathon training. Anne was able to work through the injury, alleviating my discomfort and releasing a great deal of tension in my legs and feet. Not only did I feel better, but also Anne taught me ways that I could run lightly and more efficiently, and the bonus faster. I have now incorporated Trager session into my training, thank you Anne!"
Dianne Hiebert, Psychotherapist

"Anne works with my body with an exceptional sensitivity to its unique and changing needs, leaving me with enhanced freedom of movement and comfort. Her tranquil presence embodies her approach to learning."
Leslie C, Therapist/Teacher

“I began treatment with Anne while recovering from a broken leg and trauma experienced after being hit by a car crossing the street. During the first session I felt a tremendous amount of energy return to my injured leg and a profound sense of healing in the rest of my body. This continued with each treatment as Anne helped me to release the shock from my body and return to a state well being. She is a gifted practitioner whose knowledge and deep intuition played a huge part in my recovery.“
Kristy Buck, Wellness Coordinator AIDS Committee of Toronto

“Our women’s group is a very diverse group in terms of age, culture and lived experience. Anne did an excellent job in engaging every single participant in the discussion about managing stress and getting a better night’s sleep as well as in the practical exercises. It was clear that everyone who attended the session learned a lot and enjoyed the evening. Thanks again, Anne! You are a very knowledgeable and skilled facilitator and it’s obvious that you love what you do.”
Elianna Stein, Mount Pleasant Club Rogers
“Anne Shaddicks’s interactive Stress Management Seminar was an accessible and user friendly approach to learning simple yet effective stress management strategies. The participants felt after taking this one-hour seminar that they had something to take away and start using in their every-day life. Anne was engaging in her presentation style and easy to follow."

Kathleen, Documentary Film writer/director

“At a difficult point, when I felt stuck and unable to move forward on a project, as I was overwhelmed by stress, Anne helped me to organize my thoughts. She assisted me in systematically laying out a plan of action and a process that seemed less daunting. Anne also provided me with some useful stress relieving exercises that helped to alleviate the day to day stress. Our sessions were tremendously useful”.