A Gentler Way of Letting the Tension Go: The Trager approach is a dialogue between the mind and hands of the practitioner and the mind and body of the client. This dialogue encourages a new freedom of movement and a shedding of held tension. Through a series of wave like movements that include lengthening, compressing, swinging and gentle rocking, the practitioner invites the client to experience their body moving more effortlessly and freely. This feeling is then deepened through the teaching of Mentastics, self-care movements that can evoke the feelings of lightness, freedom and flexibility that were present during the table work. This encourages and supports this new way of moving in the body so that the client is not simply going back to their old movement patterns.

Trager in the Workplace: Trager is well suited for the workplace, because no oils are used and clients can be fully clothed during the session. Clients are relaxed and refreshed, leaving them with more energy to return to work. Session times can be anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes in length. A minimum of three consecutive hours is needed for a booking.

Who should come?
People with:

• Shoulder neck tension
• Sports injuries
• Poor posture
• Limited movement
• Stress Conditions; headaches
• Athletes wishing to improve their performance

• Increased physical mobility and flexibility
• Release of physical tension and mental stress
• Heightened awareness of the body
• Decrease of pain Increase of circulation
• Heightened sense of well being

In order to maximize the results a series of 3
sessions is recommended in the beginning.

Recommend reading:
Trager for Self-Healing by Audrey Maiiri